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Choosing the right Clothesline

Choosing the right clothesline for your location is important.

Folding Clothesline

 There are 2 options for the folding clothesline.

  1. Wall mounted clotheslines can be fitted to a brick or rendered brick wall. This is the preferred mounting method. If you have a timber frame house with weatherboards the clothesline can be installed into the wall studs. In this case the clothesline will need to be cut to size on site by the installer so the brackets line up with the wall studs. This option is only available in the CITY LIVING CLOTHESLINE.
  2. Ground mounted clotheslines are the same as the folding lines except they are mounted on 2 steel post which are concreted into the ground. These are a preffered option for mounting in the back yard next to a fence or if your house is not suitable for the wall mount option. 

Rotary Clothesline 

 There are 2 options for rotary Clotheslines.

  1. Fixed Head Rotary clotheslines are suitable for the larger back yards. This clothesline can not be folded down or removed once installed.
  2. Folding Head Rotary Clotheslines are suitable for the larger back yards. This clothesline can be folded up and removed from its ground socket which is concreted into the ground.

Choosing the right clothesline is important, so if you require more information, please contact us.