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Welcome to Inside Out Clotheslines

We are here to help choose the right clothesline for you. There are many different options available, so please navigate through the site and either purchase via the cart or contact us if you require further assistance.

We deliver Australia Wide, and currently have installers available in selected areas. Please check install page for further details.

Folding ClothesLines

  • Folding clotheslines are best mounted onto brick walls.
  • They can also be mounted onto timber frame walls with cladding. Mounting brackets must be fixed into the studs.
  • Folding clothesline covers can be added to these lines.

Folding Rotary ClothesLines

  •  Folding Rotary clotheslines can be folded down and removed from the ground socket which is concreted into the ground.
  • Clothesline covers can be added to these lines.

Fixed Head Rotary ClothesLines

  • Fixed head rotary clotheslines are permanently concreted into the ground and can’t be folded down or removed.
  • Clothesline covers can be added to these lines.

Low Line Attachment

  • The low line attachment is a line which can be added to the city living range of clotheslines 2.4m or 3.0m in width wall mount or ground mount options.
  • the line sits 400mm (40cm) below the main line and has 3 lines.
  • It folds up and down with the main line or you can have it lying flat against the wall if it’s not required.