Buy a Hills Hoist Folding Clothesline Online and Experience the Value of a Legendary Australian Brand

What do you think of when you hear the words “Hills Hoist”? For many of us, the phrase evokes imagery of a quintessential Australian backyard feature: the clothesline. The brand’s rich history reaches back to when the original Hills Hoist was manufactured in 1945.

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The Legend of the Hills Hoist Folding Clothesline

As the story goes, when Lance Hill returned to Adelaide after World War II, his wife was in need of an inexpensive alternative to the traditional line she had been using to dry clothes. There was little room in the yard due to the trees and it was this need to save space that gave Hill the idea to grab some old pipes, break out his welder, and craft the clothes hoist that Australia has grown to trust. Today, this reliable clothes drying solution has become so ubiquitous to Australian suburban living that the name “Hills Hoist” is synonymous with adjustable rotary clothes lines across the nation. A more perfect tale of success couldn’t be crafted, and the award-winning design of the Hills Hoist folding clothesline coupled with its storied past has made it a favoured brand throughout the country and beyond.

Where to Buy a Hills Hoist Folding Clothesline Online

Chances are that you already understand the incredible value of having a Hills fold down clothesline and are raring to get one for yourself. Thankfully, in the modern era, you no longer need to grapple with the hustle and bustle of retail outlets to get the quality equipment you need. At Inside Out Clotheslines, we make it a cinch to buy a Hills fold down clothesline online. We pride ourselves on simplifying the shopping process, providing great customer service, and selling the highest quality products.

In addition to providing convenience and an expanded selection, buying online often allows you to obtain goods at reduced cost. We maintain a wide selection from iconic brands, from the Hills Hoist folding clothesline, to modern City Living options. When you shop with Inside Out Clotheslines, you can rest assured that these products are Australian made and built to last with no plastic parts to deteriorate. They’re available in a range of 36 colours to fit your style and taste. If clothesline covers are a household essential for you, we can offer a selection for both folding and rotary clotheslines. What better way to stop rain from rewetting your dry clothes while protecting them from damage from sun, dirt, and animal mischief? Get a high quality clothesline from a reputable and professional dealer. Give us a call on 1300 912 664 or email us at today to find out more.

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