Clothesline Covers for Australian conditions

Clothesline Covers for Australian conditions

We have some rather extreme weather conditions in Australia, one month it will be scorching hot, couple months latter freezing! Unfortunately dirty laundry just keeps coming, and if its not done it just mounts up!

Buy purchasing and installing a clothesline cover you will be protecting your clothing and doing a favour to our environment by using your dryer less. Saving you money too!

Summer –

During the summer months when UV rays are extreme, you will be protecting your clothing from fading and the person pegging the laundry from sunburn. The clothesline cover can also create a shaded area for animals or children to play safely. In Queensland, summer months is when unexpected showers pass over – take the stress out of getting home before this happens knowing your dry clothes will be still dry when the shower passes!

Winter –

During the winter months cut down on your dryer usage, saving you money. Its also a bonus to hang washing out whilst its raining and not get cold and wet!

Dusk and dawn is often the time bats move about. If you are located under their flight path it can be very frustrating having items of clothing ruined by bat droppings that stain. Even stains from tree sap and other animals such as birds would be prevented by having a cover.

Will a cover fit my clothesline?

Clothesline covers are available for rotary and wall mounted folding clotheslines, with different sizes for both. Wall mounted clotheslines can still be folded down with the cover attached. Covers are easy to install, no tools or expertise required!

Looking for a quality clothesline? InsideOut Clotheslines won’t leave you hanging with our extensive range of quality folding, fixed head rotary, folding head rotary and retractable clotheslines, including custom made clotheslines. Don’t forget to check out our range of practical clothesline accessories including covers! Shop online with us today and receive FREE shipping. We deliver Australia wide.

Need help installing your new clothesline or do you have a clothesline that needs to be restrung? We can help with that too. We have qualified installers available in select areas including the Brisbane and Wide Bay (Bundaberg) regions. Contact us today or call 0436361888.

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