Clothesline Installation

Inside Out Clotheslines will make installing a new line a breeze!

Forget hassling your partner for months to replace your clothesline, choose a professional clothesline installation.

Our mission is to help you choose the perfect clothesline first time round and install it with minimum fuss, so you don’t get frustrated every time you hang out a load of washing.

We know replacing or finding a clothesline is one of those ‘important but not urgent’ jobs that can fall down the priority list quickly – yet it’s something that we tend to use on a daily or weekly basis.


We’ll help you make sure you’re choose the best place to install your new clothesline. Consider things like the distance from the laundry, nearby trees and popular play areas.

The height of your clothesline is important, we’ll make sure that you can reach yours comfortably, but so the sheets won’t hit the ground.

We’ve got the right tools for the job, so even if your wall is masonry or timber, we’ll have the right fixings to attach it safely.

If you’re installing a rotary clothesline, you’ll need it concreted in. We’ve had years of experience in getting the hole size and amount of concrete just right.

We can remove your old clothesline and dispose of it. If it was concreted in, we cut the post at ground level, leaving it smooth and safe.


We install clotheslines all-over South-East Queensland including:

  • Bundaberg
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Brisbane
  • Ipswich
  • Gold Coast
  • Sydney

Inside Out Clotheslines will ensure installing your new clothesline is stress and incident free. We install clotheslines every day throughout South East Queensland.

Live outside these areas? We can still ship a premium quality clothesline to you and recommend a local handyman to complete the installation for you. Or if you’d like to DIY installation of your new line – check out our free guide here.

Important note: For all installations including rotary lines, it is the home owners responsibility to locate any underground or in wall pipes, electrical or other services prior to installation. Inside Out Clotheslines is not responsible for any damage to pipework, plumbing or electrical services. To check your property for in ground pipes, we recommend contacting Dial Before You Dig.

If you have a clothesline that is concreted into the ground we do not remove the concrete from the ground. The posts will be cut off at the concrete level and left smooth and safe. A new hole will be dug if required for the new clothesline.


Once your order is placed You will receive an email with your installers details. Once your line has arrived at your home please call the installer and book a suitable installation time. This will take place within 2 weeks from order. If there is any delays due to shipping you will be notified.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure what clothesline will best suit your space. Call our friendly team for advice.

We’ll even notify you when we’re on our way to install, so you can put the washing on,

ready to hang out on your brand-new line!


Inside Out Clotheslines provided professional, efficient, prompt installation of our clothesline at a great price. They showed up when expected and unlike lots of tradies cleaned up when they were finished. I would recommend them to everyone.

Anthony, North Brisbane


It really depends on your needs and the space you have available. However, rotary lines tend to be more popular.

Yes! We sell clothesline covers, mounting bars and post kits, even spare parts and restring wire!

No, these can also be ground mounted (via freestanding poles concreted into the ground).

Yes, all our folding and retractable lines can be used indoor or outdoor. These are a great option if you’re looking for a wet weather option to hang clothes in your garage or laundry.

This depends on the number of people living in the household. There is an average of 7.5m per person.

Yes, we’ve lots of experience. With the right tools and equipment, your closely can be securely fastened to a brick wall.

It depends on the type of line you opt for, and which brand.

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