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Base Plate $90.00 The base plate is an option that is available to the ground mounted clothes lines that need to be bolted to the concrete not dug into the ground.
Austral Post Kit (2.4m) $99.00$180.00 Austral Post Kit (2.4m) The Austral post kit is used when the foldinging clothesline that you are purchasing isn’t able to be attached to the wall of your house due to there not being enough space on the wall or the exterior of the house is cladding, hebel, cement sheeting. The Austral post kit can […]
Frazer Line Post Kit $99.00 Post Kit size 2250mm x 40mm x 40mm
Hills Retractable Post Kit $99.00 Hills Retractable Post Kit   The Hills Retractable Post Kit are used when you need to mount your retractable clothesline away from any sturdy structures like a house or shed wall. Typically installed on the wall, but can be installed using post kits (sold separately): Wall-to-Wall (ready out the box) Wall-to-Post (requires one post kit) […]
Austral Post Kit (3.3m) $145.00$180.00 Austral Post Kit (3.3m)

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