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Inside Out Clotheslines Upper Kedron prides itself on quality customer service to each and every customer, therefore when you call us you will be speaking directly with me the owner of the business. Because helping people is what I enjoy I will do my best to find and match a clothesline to suit your needs. For that reason we have a large range of clotheslines while there is many different colours, shapes and sizes to suit any backyard.


Installation service

Inside Out Clotheslines Upper Kedron offers an installation and removal service, therefore no more hassle and worry out of not knowing how to install your clothesline yourself. In addition to making your experience hassle free our installers are professional, prompt and above all neat and tidy.

Fixed Head Rotary Clothesline

Fixed Head Rotary

The fixed head rotary’s are permanently concreted into the ground and can not be folded down or removed. They are also made from galvanised steel construction. These are the classic Hills Hoist Design.

Folding Clothesline

Folding Clothesline

Folding clotheslines are mounted onto the house wall or a shed. Preferably onto block or brick walls. A post kit will be necessary to use when there is no suitable walls for a folding clothesline. They are great space savers.

Retractable Clothesline


Retractable clotheslines are used in narrow spaces where you can attach the clothesline to a wall or a post kit and extend the lines out up to 10m depending on the brand you choose. The line then retracts back into the cover when not in use.

Folding Rotary Clothesline

Folding Rotary

The folding head rotary’s have a ground socket which is concreted into the ground. The clothesline can then be put in and out at will. The head of the clothesline can also be folded down before removal or in a storm.

Custom Made Clotheslines

Custom made Clotheslines are made in Sydney. Our premium range of folding clotheslines. Therefore you are buying top quality Australian Made products. They are all made to order with the option of 36 different colours. to choose from and many different size combinations.

Clothesline Covers

Clothesline covers are available for both Rotary’s and folding clotheslines.

Spare Parts

We offer a large range of  spare parts for rotary and folding clotheslines.

Our Happy Clients


Here’s how our installation works.

Once your order is placed You will receive an email with your installers details. Once your line has arrived at your home please call the installer and book a suitable installation time. We expect this to take place within 2 weeks from order. If there is any delays due to shipping you will be notified.


Here’s how our shipping works.

Here at Inside Out Clotheslines we have fast and free shipping.  In other words all our products are shipped the next business day unless advised. However when ordering a custom made product there is up to a 15 day wait as they are all made to order. Therefore the delivery time will vary between orders and destinations.

However there are some areas that we do not ship to so please check out the shipping policy if you are outside the metro areas.

Inside Out Clotheslines Upper Kedron for all your folding clothesline needs. Simply call Matt or go to the shop and order online. In addition we also offer clothesline installation to selected areas. Please go to Install page for further details.

I also remove any old clothesline from the original Hills Hoist clotheslines to the standard wall mount clothesline and the ground mounted clothesline. Simply select the option when ordering your line.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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