Folding Clothesline Covers

Folding Clothesline Cover CCFD2200

Folding Clothes Line Covers

Size:    2.2m wide to 3.3m wide up to 1.6m deep



Folding Clothesline Covers

Folding clothesline covers have many advantages

  • Keep your clothes dry.
  • Stop the uv ray damage.
  • Protect your precious clothes from bird droppings.
  • Protect your clothes from tree sap.

This chore is one that needs to be done so we have created an excellent product that will alleviate the worries that come from

  • Leaving your clothes in our intense sun to dry
  • Have the rain beat you to your dry washing
  • Doing the washing and finding it is raining so you can’t hang it out
  • Bringing your clothes in only to find they have bleach marks from the sun
  • Finding bird and bat poo on your clothes and linen which has stained and needs rewashing

Solution to your problems –

All you need is a clothesline cover and all your issues are taken care of. Here are some real positives –

  • You get to bring the washing in when you want to
  • You can hang it out when you want
  • It protects the person hanging the washing out
  • No need for the dryer
  • Saves on electricity
  • Another shaded area to sit or for the dog to lay
  • Another shaded area for children to play
  • Even if it is raining your clothes and linen will dry because air dries clothes not the sun
  • Washed leather runners won’t go brittle but instead stay soft and supple if dried under the cover- just place over 2 lines upside down an leave till dry

These are just a few of the benefits which come from having a clothesline cover and once you have had one you will not be without it (the clothesline will look naked without one).

So do yourselves a favour and reduce the stress of at least one everyday chore and get  clothesline cover which will be a helping hand at the clothesline (even if it can’t physically talk to you or fold laundry).

Folding Clothesline Cover Instruction Manual

Wind Rating chart

Clothesline Cover Size Guide


CCFD2200 Suits 2.1 to 2.4m wide .7 to 1.6 depth, CCFD3300 Suits 2.9 to 3.3m wide .7 to .9 depth, CCFD3000 Suits 3m wide .7 to 1.6 depth


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Inside Out Clotheslines has a qualified team of expert installers in selected areas. If you are in South East Queensland we do the installations ourselves.
There is many options when installing your clothesline. From a standard wall mount to a ground mounted installation with concrete.
Please check out the installation page to see weather you are in the areas that we service.

Here is the process that we use.

Once you have selected the clothesline that you are after and you are located in our install area you simply add the installation or installation and removal of your old line. From here our team will contact you and supply the installers details so you can make contact with the installer to organise a suitable time for the installation.
The line will either be sent directly to you or the installer will bring it with him on the day. You will be notified.
Installation can take between 1-3 weeks from time of order depending on shipping and availability.

Here at Inside Out Clotheslines we like to get the product that you ordered to you as fast as possible. All our products are shipped the next business day unless advised. If ordering a custom made product there is up to a 10 day wait as they are all made to order. The delivery time will vary between orders and destinations.

There are some areas that we do not ship to so please check out the shipping policy if you are outside the metro areas.

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